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07/06 - 07/09: Anaheim, CA

Jonathan Canalin

Jul 6, 2023

07/06 - 07/09: Anaheim, CA #2 (Travel)

07/06 - 07/09: Anaheim, CA

Please start making arrangements.

Chaperone: If you need a chaperone, make sure to start making arrangements right away. Please no last minute requests.

Game Information:

Location: Momentous Sports Center, Anaheim, CA (14522 Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92606)

Game Schedule:

  • 7/6: expect to be avialable to play no earlier than 4pm.

  • 7/9: expect our last game to be no later than 5pm.


Tournament Request to use these hotels:

Coach Jonny’s Hotel:

Alo Hotel by Ayres (3737 West Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92868 US)



Thursday, July 6, 2023

Southwest Airlines flight 2081

Portland PDX 7:40am (local time) - Oakland OAK 9:20am (local time)

Southwest Airlines flight 4599

Oakland OAK 10:25am (local time) - Santa Ana SNA 11:55am (local time)

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Southwest Airlines flight 3063

Santa Ana SNA 8:25pm (local time) - Las Vegas LAS 9:35pm (local time)

Southwest Airlines flight 3394

Las Vegas LAS 10:25pm (local time) - Portland PDX 12:40am (local time)

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