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Sports have been a huge impact on the way Jonathan Canalin has lived his life. He grew up playing sports which have taught him a great amount about how to succeed in the workforce. Though he focused heavily on baseball in his early days, it was basketball where he found a passion for coaching. From playing competitively throughout his high school years, he sought out that same competitiveness as a bystander. Years after high school, Jonathan found coaching and training. For 18 years, he has coached ages 7 years to high school-aged kids. 

Along with coaching and teaching basketball, Coach Jonathan Canalin is also a Certified Personal Trainer that specializes in agility and re-acceleration. For 8 years, Jonathan has trained athletes in strength and speed. He uses his knowledge and experience to emphasize correct movement to stay healthy and increase sports performance. 

Basketball and training are both passions that he is constantly improving his knowledge. 




Son of Jonathan Canalin. Matthew has adopted several techniques from his father. But most importantly, he has adopted his way of teaching and promoting the youth. He is currently attending college. Matthew specializes in overall skill development and leads the charge in implementing their skills into live action. If you'd like to shoot, he's a great person to work with.

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