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What does DENY Basketball value?

Attitude + Effort + Leadership Qualities + Winning + Compete


Define Attitude.

Be Engaged + Show Confidence + Express Yourself + Constant Learning + Constant Improvement


Define Effort.

Extra Effort + Be Relentless + Play through Adversity + Being tired does not excuse Effort + Be Consistent


Define Leadership Qualities.

Communication + Accountability to Yourself + Accountability to Others + Flexible Mindset + Team Player


Define Winning.

Extra Effort + Flexibility + Be Engaged + Build Confidence + Problem Solvers


Define Compete.

Extra Effort + Next Play Mentality + Flexibility + Express Yourself + Problem Solvers + Decision Making




Our goal is to provide opportunity to a long process of development. We believe that your commitment allows us to be more focused on your development. We strive to hold everyone accountable to the characteristics that give you a great chance of being successful at whatever you choose. We provide opportunities to build confidence but we also provide the same opportunities to better understand your growth and development.


We pride ourselves on teaching the intangibles first. Intangibles are our values of winning and competing. Statistics cannot measure success of intangibles. We can however stress these intangibles as the most important pieces of your development to better prepare you for your next level.


The tangible piece is the skill development of the game. It will be extremely difficult to learn and improve if your intangible characteristics are not the focus. The tangible piece is only our focus when it comes to the physical skills of the game. We will continue to preach our values first and skills second.



Can we focus on development and winning? 

Yes, by putting your attention into growing their skillset individually and team skills. By increasing individual skill sets, this in return will help your team become a better team. 


Yes, by teaching your players to play the game of basketball (not just execute plays). To not instruct the game but to teach the game. To teach concepts of the game to help solve problems and to make smart decisions.


Purpose of a Structured Program

To give all athletes the best chance to succeed and the ability to track progress from a team and individual standpoint. We are a team of coaches all on the same team.


Teach the Game.

Teach skills and drills and not just sets or plays. Teach your players to play with skill and to become critical thinkers on the court. Follow this concept of learning:


  1. What to do (Learner needs guidance, time, and slow motion actions)

  2. How to do (Learner will awkwardly try to fix movements, the uncomfortable long stage) 

  3. Just do it (Learner will have built a movement pattern to use with little direction)



***We will teach to stay in front of the ball, deny easy entry passes, close gaps, force to help, and all defenders will be actively moving/rotating. We will force contested shots and actively pursue rebounds. We will do our best to take away easy opportunities by utilizing our defensive tactics to keep our opponent off balance. 


***Here is the foundation of our defense:


Ball: We will dictate on the ball versus reacting to the ball. 

You: We will play the gaps for constant help.

Man: We will help and help and matter which man we start with.



***Our style of offense is attacking based on quick and smart decisions, good spacing, utilizing dribble penetration for easy open looks. Players will commit time to their craft in becoming fundamentally skilled in what I believe are 4 key skills in becoming a better player: shoot, pass, dribble, and defensive effort. We will play selflessly and continue to improve our understanding of the game. I firmly believe that IF all players commit to the team, each individual player will have an opportunity to be and do their best.


***Here is the foundation of our offense:


Attack: Players will make plays, prepare them to be capable

Pass: We will play selflessly.

Role: We will execute to the best of our ability

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